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Street Closure Permit Application

  1. City of Alamogordo - Street Closure Permit

    The applicant or other person heading the street closure shall carry this approved permit while the street is closed. It is understood that if someone persists on passage through our street, we will comply and that we will allow any emergency vehicles through if the need arises.

  2. It is understood that the requestors are responsible for traffic control devices. Due to potential liability issues, the City does not provide traffic control devices or traffic control assistance for events that are private or not city sponsored.
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  5. This permit is issued subject to all applicable municipal and state laws and specifically subject to the provisions of the ordinances of the City of Alamogordo which may apply.

    This Special Permit is pursuant to Section 29-01-090(d)(3) of the Alamogordo Code of Ordinances. Street closure. Any event that requires street closures must apply for a separate permit and pay applicable fees. Permits shall be granted by the city manager when deemed to be in the interest of public safety.

    Unreasonable Noise Section 11-05-270 of the Alamogordo Code of Ordinances. Unreasonable noise consists of creating any unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise of such character, intensity, or duration as to be detrimental to the repose, life, or health of others, but not limited to, the following specific noises if created in violation in this section. (see the section for the entire ordinance)

    CC: City Commission, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Clerk, APD, AFD, Applicant.


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