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  1. Alamogordo Airport Aircraft Owners

    Every three years the FAA requires each airport to report the number of based aircraft at each airport. "Based" means where the... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Report a violation

    Use this form to report a perceived violation of a City of Alamogordo code of ordinance.

Communications, Marketing & Tourism

  1. Communications & Marketing Digital Sign Form

    Form to allow City of Alamogordo Business outside of our Business partners to fill out a form for digital sign advertisement.


  1. Community Feedback Form

    Note: Please do NOT use this form to report any emergency situation. If you have a question or suggestion, or you are looking for... More…

  1. Compliment a City of Alamogordo employee

    If you would like to share a positive experience you had with a City of Alamogordo employee, or simply share kudos to a department,... More…

Fire Department

  1. 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

    Signup for participants in the annual 9/11 memorial stair climb event organized by the Alamogordo Fire Department in honor of the... More…

  2. Fire Safety Education Classes

    The Alamogordo Fire Department offers free Fire Safety Education Classes. These classes are available to any commercial, public,... More…

  1. Fire Extinguisher Classes

    The Alamogordo Fire Department offers free Fire Extinguisher Training classes and are available to any business and civic group in the... More…

Human Resources

  1. Employee Suggestion Form

    An anonymous way for employees to share suggestions with City Leadership. Login is required becuase this form is only available to... More…

  1. Wellness Wednesdays Survey


  1. Employee Suggestion Form

    An anonymous way for employees to share suggestions with City Leadership. Login is required becuase this form is only available to... More…

  1. Intranet Page Suggestions

    Please use this form to share your ideas for making the Staff Intranet pages as helpful as possible to employees.


  1. Book Kit Request by Subject

    Fill out this form to request five books in a preferred category.

  2. Interlibrary Loan Request

    Request books be borrowed from another library on your behalf. Patrons must have an Alamogordo Public Library card in good standing.... More…

  3. Multi-Purpose Room Application

    The Multi-Purpose Room of the Alamogordo Public Library is primarily intended for educational programs and workshops, for Library group... More…

  4. RSVP Preview Book Launch Event
  5. Workshop Registration: Track A, Publishing Short - Finding or creating spots to share your work

    Register for free writing workshop and critique session with Amy Rivers.

  1. Homebound Delivery Service

    Request to sign up for the library's homebound delivery service. (Some restrictions apply.)

  2. Memorial Donations

    Use this form to make a donation to the library in memory or in honor of a loved one.

  3. Request for Exam Proctor

    Use this form to request proctor service from the reference librarians at the public library.

  4. Storybook Character Scavenger Hunt - Business Interest Form

    Form for businesses interested in participating in the Storybook Character Scavenger Hunt Fall 2020

  5. Workshop Registration: Track B Publishing Long - Paths to publication with a focus on self-publishing

    Register for writing workshop and critique session taught by Amy Rivers

Municipal Court

  1. Monthly Report for Court Ordered Supervision

    A monthly report is one of the conditions of your DWI / drug supervision. This monthly report is to be submitted to the court by the... More…

Planning and Zoning

  1. Business Registration Prerequisite form

    Complete this form as a prerequisite to register your business in the City of Alamogordo. The form will require approval from the... More…

  1. Flood Map Information Request

    FEMA request to determine flood elevation

Police Department

  1. Alamogordo Police Department Citizen Survey
  1. Parade/Special Events Permit

    Use this form to apply for a Parade/Special Events Permit from the City of Alamogordo through the Alamogordo Police Department. There... More…

Public Works

  1. Light Up Alamogordo! - Holiday Light Donation Form

    Form for businesses, organizations, and individuals to donate towards the replacement of and refurbishment of the city of Alamogordo... More…

  2. Report a Faded or Missing Street Sign

    form to allow citizens to report a faded or missing street sign.

  1. Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Application

    This application is required when requesting any of the following: assistance with traffic management and/or traffic calming... More…

  2. Report a Pothole

Recreation Center

  1. Family Game Night Poll

    Why aren't you coming to Alamogordo Family Recreation's Family Game Night?

Special Events

  1. Special Events Volunteer Interest Form

    Volunteer to help make community events even more special with the City of Alamogordo's Special Events Department


  1. After Hours Zoo Rental Request

    Request to rent the zoo, outside regular business hours, for an event.

  2. Purchase an Annual Pass

    Use this form to purchase an annual pass for the Alameda Park Zoo

  3. Zoo Rental Request

    Request to rent the zoo, during regular business hours, for an event.

  4. Zookeeper Meet and Greet party reservation form.

    Use this form to initiate a zookeeper meet and greet party reservation.

  1. Animal Encounter Package party reservation form.

    Complete this form to reserve an Animal Encounter party reservation.

  2. Zoo Birthday Party Reservation

    Complete this form to reserve a designated area of the zoo for a birthday party.

  3. Zoo Volunteer and Docent Application

    Zoo Volunteer and Docent Application and Waiver of Liability