Holloman49ers Animal Allies Project

Based on a TripAdvisor search, one of the top 10 things to do in Alamogordo is to visit the Alameda Park Zoo.

Founded in 1898, this zoo is “the oldest zoo in the Southwest." We are proud that our small community has this zoo, and we have all enjoyed many fun experiences there. However, the animal information signs are small, hard to read, and old. We wanted to learn so much more about the animals. So, we came up with a solution to update the information and engage learners, like ourselves, without the cost of buying new signs. Since most of us carry our phones and other devices with us all of the time, we thought that it would be a good idea to give them an educational purpose at our zoo. We decided to bring the zoo into the 21st century by creating a webpage for each of the animals on exhibit with current information and pictures, which can be reached by utilizing QR codes.

Learn more about all the Alameda Park Zoo Animals at this link!

Look for signs like these throughout the zoo and use your phone camera to learn more about the animals in that exhibit! 

(A QR Code reader app may be needed for older phones)

QR Codes At Zoo
QR Code Zoo - Monkeys