Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan

Importance of this Plan

The MRA Plan is just that — a PLAN. It offers data, establishes an MRA District, and demonstrates both strengths (assets), weaknesses (areas of opportunity to improve), challenges, and possible funding sources to help meet the plan objectives.  Some of the funding sources are grants, and eligibility is based on whether a city has an adopted MRA plan, so having this plan opens additional funding doors to our community. The Plan will be maintained as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan (which was updated and adopted in 2018) and utilized by City leadership as a roadmap.  Alamogordo MainStreet staff and volunteers will also actively use the Plan to guide their district improvement work for years to come! 

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Adopted MRA Plan 03.12.19

MRA Final Adopted Cover Page

MRA Plan Area MapInformation about the public meeting held on January 28th, 2019

The City of Alamogordo and Alamogordo MainStreet hosted a public meeting to present the draft Downtown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) Plan. The City’s consultant, Consensus Planning, made a presentation of the draft MRA Plan and took comments. The adopted Downtown MRA Plan can be reviewed or downloaded from the graphic link above. 

The Downtown Alamogordo MRA Plan identifies specific redevelopment projects, public sector investments, and support actions to help achieve the community's vision gleaned from the community engagement process that was initiated in March 2018. The Downtown MRA Plan provides a powerful planning tool for establishing future public/private partnerships and communicates the types of uses and redevelopment that are appropriate for Downtown Alamogordo. The Downtown MRA Plan has been developed to be consistent with and further the City of Alamogordo's 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

The Downtown MRA was designated in 2017 by the Alamogordo City Commission. The designation was based on a report that documented existing physical and economic conditions within Downtown Alamogordo that contribute to blight and impair the social and economic well-being of the community. An MRA Plan provides the means to address those conditions through rehabilitation and redevelopment efforts.

Message from the Alamogordo MainStreet Director Cam Wilde

January 29, 2019

I just wanted to reach out on behalf of the City of Alamogordo and Alamogordo MainStreet in expressing our thanks for attending the MRA Plan First Draft Public Presentation/Meeting last night. Your thoughtful questions and extremely valuable input, observations, and suggestions were definitely noted and very much appreciated.

Thank you for your patience with us as well while we made those very last minute adjustments to fit in the space we were provided.

Consensus Planning will be spending the next couple of weeks making adjustments to the plan based on your questions, feedback, and observations as well as some clarifications and additions requested by the MRA Steering Committee earlier in the day.

Once all adjustments are made to the plan and it goes through a final review (MRA Steering Committee, New Mexico MainStreet/New Mexico Finance Authority, etc) we will take the necessary steps and recommend to the City of Alamogordo that it be adopted officially. We’re hoping that will happen within the next few months.

I would just like to remind you that if you have any questions, additional feedback, or any observations at all, please feel free to e-mail or call me any time.

Thank you again for all that you do!

Camdon Wilde
Executive Director
Alamogordo MainStreet