Animal Control

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Alamogordo Animal Shelter is to provide the citizens of Alamogordo with quality animal control and to educate the public in its awareness of animal laws, ordinances, and controlling the pet population.

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New Climate-Controled Animal Drop-off location
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Animal Ordinances
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Daniel age 7 smiling next to a shopping cart

Special Thanks

Daniel age 7, instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, Daniel asked his friends to donate items for the dogs and cats at Animal Control.

Happy Birthday and thank you from the staff at Alamogordo Animal Control.


Animal Control Ordinances

To impound stray animals within Alamogordo; to increase public health by reducing the spread of animal-borne disease, such as rabies, plague, hookworm, roundworm and other parasites or disease that can be transmitted to humans; to be deterrent to violators of animals ordinances by issuing citations to offenders; and to provide a safe, humane facility for impoundment, adoption and occasional euthanization of stray animals.