New Commercial Construction Permit Forms


To obtain a new commercial construction permit form , follow these steps. View printable instructions (PDF)

  1. Review all documents in this packet.
  2. Review the N.M.C.I.D. Construction Permit Guide (PDF) and complete the State Commercial Construction Permit Application (PDF)
  3. Complete the Application for FIRM Letter (FEMA) with 8 and a half inches by 11 inches FEMA site plan (PDF). (Sample FEMA Site Plan (PDF)) The FEMA site plan is in addition to Building Site Plan
  4. Complete the Zoning Application (PDF). Include documentation of any variance or rezoning
  5. Complete the City's Ordinance Plan Review Checklist (PDF) and make sure those items appear on all three site plans included with your original plans. These site plans are separate from the FEMA site plan and require different information (Sample Site Plan (PDF))
  6. Bring 3 complete sets of plans and items 2 to 5 to City Hall for submission. Incomplete or partial submissions will not be accepted. Complete application submissions may also be mailed in with a check payable to City of Alamogordo. Please include your FedEx shipper account number for approved plans to be returned
  7. Fees are due at the time of submission. Fees are payable to City of Alamogordo. FEMA determination is $85 and zoning verification is $50. One check for both is acceptable. These fees do not include State CID fees.
  8. When review is complete you will be notified that your plans are available for pick up. The City shall retain one set and the other two shall be submitted to CID at any of the offices listed at the top of the permit application.
  9. You may then submit the plans to any of the offices listed at the top of the State permit application.
  10. You will receive two sets of approved plans back from CID.

Project Valuation

For projects with a valuation of less than $400,000 and an occupant load of 50 or less, a single seal of a New Mexico licensed architect or engineer is required. Projects in excess of $400,000 or exceeding an occupant load or 50 persons shall require dual seals of both a New Mexico licensed architect and engineer. For further information, please visit the New Mexico Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors website.

Submit Documentation

Please submit all required documentation as provided in above links to:
City of Alamogordo
Attention: Building Codes Department
1376 E Ninth Street
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Important Information

Please note that construction permit applications missing documentation or not completed entirely will be returned to the Contractor. This will result in a delay in processing your permit application. If you have any questions we can be reached at 575-439-4235.